What’s the weirdest law in the United States?

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    What's the weirdest law in the US?

    From getting your husband’s permission for dentures to prohibiting searching for canaries in the morning, here are seven answers to the question, "What are the weirdest laws in the U.S.?"

    • Women Need Permission for False Teeth
    • Single Women Can’t Parachute on Sunday
    • You Can't Sell Your Vehicle On a Sunday
    • Monkeys Mustn't Smoke Cigarettes
    • You Can’t Wear a Fake Mustache in Church
    • No Frog-Jumping Allowed
    • Nobody Can Whistle for Canaries Before 7 A.M.

    Women Need Permission for False Teeth

    In Vermont, one of the strangest laws states that a woman must receive permission from her husband in order to wear false teeth. In some ways, this law reflects the changing times in which they put it into place.

    During that time period, married women could not even own property in their own name and instead had it legally transferred to their husband's name, so while most would consider this law outdated by today's standards, it is still technically in the legal books of Vermont, though the state does not enforce it. Such a law serves as an interesting reminder of how far American society has come!

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    Single Women Can’t Parachute on Sunday

    I can find some of the weirdest laws in the United States across all fifty states. It’s hard to choose just one because so many are so bizarre.

    It is illegal for a single woman to parachute on Sunday afternoons in Florida!

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    You Can't Sell Your Vehicle On a Sunday

    You can't sell your vehicle on a Sunday in Michigan. This is one of the strangest laws in the United States, as it limits when you can carry out commercial activity.

    This law dates back to the 1950s when car dealerships were closed on Sundays, and this has continued since then.

    Interestingly, it also applies to private sellers looking to part with their vehicle—they must wait until Monday before they can do so. This weird law is likely a product of religious influence in the Michigan legislature.

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    Monkeys Mustn't Smoke Cigarettes

    In Indiana, monkeys mustn't smoke cigarettes. The exact wording of the law is: "No person may own, keep, or harbor any monkey which, while at liberty, smokes or holds any lighted cigar, cigarette, or pipe."

    Although it sounds strange, such regulation aims to ensure animals' well-being and protect them from harm. This law is a part of Indiana's animal cruelty statutes. Well, the intentions are good, even if the result sounds hilarious. Whatever works.

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    You Can’t Wear a Fake Mustache in Church

    We know the United States has some unique and sometimes bizarre laws, and one of the weirdest laws is in the state of Alabama. In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache in the church that causes laughter.

    They put this law in place in order to prevent people from disrupting church services and causing a disturbance. Even though it may seem strange, this law is still on the books and they can technically enforce it.

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    No Frog-Jumping Allowed

    The weirdest law in the US might be an old one from Kentucky where frog-jumping contests are illegal. Yes, you read that right! Apparently, back in the 19th century, frog-jumping contests were a popular event, and some people thought it was too cruel for these little critters.

    So, as per the laws of 1873, anyone caught organizing or taking part in a frog-jumping contest will face up to 12 months in jail with a hefty fine of $500.

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    Nobody Can Whistle for Canaries Before 7 A.M.

    A plethora of bizarre and outdated laws still exist in various states throughout the country.

    One law is in California, where it is illegal to whistle for a lost canary before 7 A.M. Canaries were used to detect carbon monoxide in the mines, and people believed that whistling for canaries early in the morning could cause confusion and danger.

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