What Are the Best Ways for Attorneys to Stay Informed About the Latest Legal Developments?

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    What Are the Best Ways for Attorneys to Stay Informed About the Latest Legal Developments?

    In the ever-evolving field of law, staying updated with the latest developments is crucial. We've gathered insights from attorneys and managing members who offer their seasoned advice on this matter. From joining legal associations to employing diverse legal information methods, discover the top five strategies recommended by legal professionals to keep abreast of new legal trends and resources.

    • Join Legal Associations for Updates
    • Utilize Journals and Networking
    • Subscribe to Research Databases
    • Follow Trusted Legal-News Sources
    • Employ Diverse Legal Information Methods

    Join Legal Associations for Updates

    Continued education is an integral part of any trade. The legal profession is no exception, as the legal landscape is continually evolving. One of the best ways to stay current on the latest legal developments is to stay active in local, state, and nationwide groups dedicated to your specific practice areas. On the national level, the American Bar Association serves as a great resource for CLEs, forums, and events focused on specific practice areas. On the state and local level, being part of the state and local bar associations offers similar benefits.

    Derek Colvin
    Derek ColvinAttorney, Waldrop & Colvin

    Utilize Journals and Networking

    Staying updated with the latest legal developments is essential in the constantly changing field of asset protection. I regularly use various resources to understand new laws, trends, and court decisions. This includes subscribing to legal journals, joining professional associations, and attending legal seminars and workshops. I find legal databases like LexisNexis and Westlaw valuable for research, and publications like The American Law Institute and The National Law Review provide helpful analyses on current legal issues.

    Networking with peers through bar associations and legal forums also allows for valuable knowledge and experience sharing, enriching my practice with diverse perspectives.

    Blake Harris
    Blake HarrisAttorney, Blake Harris Law

    Subscribe to Research Databases

    As an experienced lawyer, I use multiple methods to stay current with the latest legal developments.

    For one, I subscribe to several reliable online legal research databases, such as LexisNexis, Fastcase, and Casetext. These websites provide me with a large library of case laws, statutes, regulations, and other legal articles from different jurisdictions. They help me stay updated with recent judicial decisions or scholarly analyses relevant to my practice areas.

    Aside from this, I also have a collection of legal blogs I frequently visit, like the ABA Journal, Above the Law, and FindLaw Legal Blogs. These platforms cover a variety of topics, allowing me to catch up on any noteworthy news.

    I also attend webinars and workshops led by the country's leading legal publications and institutions. These events typically involve renowned experts discussing real-world scenarios. They provide valuable insights into emerging trends, new legislation, and practical advice I can use in my practice.

    Lastly, I maintain active membership in several bar associations relevant to my specialization. These organizations allow me to engage with other experienced lawyers and exchange valuable insights.

    They also help me take continuing legal education (CLE) courses. Most jurisdictions require practicing lawyers to take CLE courses annually or biannually to stay ahead of recent legislative developments.

    For instance, California requires its lawyers to take 25 hours of CLE courses within three years. They could be suspended from practicing law if they fail to meet these requirements.

    If there's one method I recommend, it would be taking CLE courses annually. CLE classes are not just requirements; they offer plenty of other benefits to young lawyers. For instance, they help them sharpen their skills and keep up with the changing legal landscape.

    More importantly, it helps them build a strong reputation as a lawyer who stays on top of their game.

    Alan Ahdoot
    Alan AhdootPersonal Injury Attorney, Adamson Ahdoot LLP

    Follow Trusted Legal-News Sources

    To stay on top of legal updates, I follow trusted legal-news sources and subscribe to relevant journals, like those from the American Bar Association. I also join forums and networks in my field for insights on recent case law and laws. This mix of formal updates and discussions keeps me well-informed for the changing legal scene.

    John Montague
    John MontagueAttorney, Montague Law

    Employ Diverse Legal Information Methods

    At Uplift Legal Funding, we use several methods and resources to stay informed about the latest legal developments:

    1. Reading legal websites like LegalWeek, Lawyer Monthly, and The Lawyer.
    2. Monitoring regulatory agencies for new rules, regulations, and enforcement actions.
    3. Attending conferences and seminars: Participating in industry conferences and seminars to network with other professionals and stay informed about the latest developments and trends.
    4. Educating ourselves on the latest legal theories, trends, and ethics by attending classes, webinars, and workshops.
    5. Cooperating with attorneys, ethicists, and regulatory agencies for specific questions and advice regarding changes in the law.
    6. Keeping track of legal cases, particularly those that impact the personal injury practice area, to stay informed about legal precedents and trends.

    Jared Stern
    Jared SternManaging Member, Uplift Legal Funding